Why Should You Send Your Child to a Kindergarten in

You might already know this, but schools are often the second homes of your children until they are old enough to contribute to society with their talents. But one question remains—how young should a child be before parents start sending their kids to school? No one wants to rob children of their precious few years […]Read More


Tuition Learning Centres: 11 Key Strategies for Effective Teaching

In a learning centre in Singapore, a teacher may employ various instructional methods with varying ends in mind. The most effective instructional ways are those demonstrated to work in large-scale trials. There is no requirement that a teaching strategy is innovative, though some certainly are. Consider your overall tutoring strategy when you are planning your […]Read More


Ivy League Journey: Preparation for High School Aspirants

Ivy League schools and universities are perhaps one of the highest aspirations that any student has. It consists of big names like Harvard, Yale, and Dartmouth College. So, it’s a no-brainer that their standards are very high, and even getting into the first step of admission is already a mighty ordeal. Still, a lot of […]Read More


5 Signs a Child May Benefit from a Math Tuition

Maths may arguably be one of the most influential subjects in human history. Without the study of mathematics, we would not be able to enjoy most modern marvels. The technology we use in our daily lives utilises mathematics in some shape or form. Mathematics may look abstract, but its influences permeate the natural world in […]Read More


Learn Korean: 7 Tips to Learn the Language Faster

According to the World Economic Forum, Korea is ranked 11th in the world in terms of GDP. By the number of speakers, Korean is ranked 21st in the world. So If you want to watch Korean dramas in their original language or sing along with your favourite Korean artists’ songs, then learning the language is […]Read More


A Parent’s Guide To Choosing An Enrichment Centre In Singapore

Every parent dreams of building and putting their kids in environments that would positively affect their development. Mums and dads like you try their best to keep their little ones away from activities and content that would physically, mentally, or emotionally harm your child. You provide them with their primary needs, such as nourishing food, […]Read More


Tips & Tricks for Acing A Level Biology Beyond Tuition

Science is a crucial aspect of the education system in Singapore. Furthermore, the country is home to some of the world’s best science institutions and universities. The natural sciences have stages of complexity, with biology being the easiest of them. This article will show you how to study for your H2 Biology beyond attending tuition […]Read More