Innovating Education with the Open Mind Accelerated International Academy

Innovating Education with the Open Mind Accelerated International Academy

Open Mind Accelerated Academy is a French-American International school that is a leader in virtual & online education. Open Mind is a completely virtual school that serves students from around the world. This online academy is known for its cutting-edge programming, pedagogy, and technology. Open Mind is the best online school for those looking for a truly international 21st-century education from the comfort of their own homes.

Open Mind Accelerated International Academy features an impressive faculty of some of the world’s best professors. The faculty at Open Mind is determined to take an innovative approach to education that emphasizes creating well-rounded and enlightened leaders. Skills like critical thinking, empathy, creativity, and collaboration are key points in Open Mind’s education model.

The Benefits of Open Mind Accelerated International Academy

French and English Bilingual Program

Open Mind offers a bilingual program that allows students to become fluent in a second language throughout their studies. No matter where a student is originally from, they will have the option to take classes in both languages to reach fluency and learn the value of speaking multiple languages. Bilingual programs have been proven to increase mental capacity in both language acquisition and general education. Open Mind offers the best instructors that can help students reach their full potential.

Project-Based Pedagogy

Project-based learning is a pedagogical model that allows students to complete projects as a form of education. Project-based pedagogy puts learning into students’ hands. Students can explore their interests and make inquiries. With the support of professors, students can take the lead and explore, research, and experiment to solve problems. Project-based learning allows students to practice the real-world skills needed to learn and grow. These skills are later transferable to a lifetime of innovating in any field that students go into.

Virtual Reality Metaverse Classes

Open Mind uses the most recent and effective virtual education models to provide the best education for students. This includes taking classes in the Metaverse where students can gain hands-on experience in various subjects. Metaverse classes allow students to have a first-hand experience of primary sources. The Metaverse allows for a face-to-face collaborative environment where students can practice their communication skills in an environment that mimics reality. This also allows students to take international field trips from anywhere in the world.

3D Science and Robotics Lab

Open Mind runs a fully virtual science and robotics lab where students can learn in a hands-on environment. Students can perform experiments, test robots, and build their creations all in a virtual 3D space. Unlike traditional education, students can spend an unlimited amount of time and resources learning and experimenting firsthand.

The School of the Future

Open Mind Accelerated Academy is very much the school of the future. In addition to its great resources and top-notch faculty, Open Mind has the success stories to back it all up. If you are looking for the best in International virtual education, Open Mind Accelerated  International Academy tops the list.

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