Why Should You Send Your Child to a Kindergarten in Singapore?

You might already know this, but schools are often the second homes of your children until they are old enough to contribute to society with their talents. But one question remains—how young should a child be before parents start sending their kids to school? No one wants to rob children of their precious few years at home, exploring the house and making new memories with family. But though there may be many reasons not to send your child to a preschool in PasirRis or let them enter a kindergarten, the earlier you send your child to school, the more they can explore their opportunities.

Besides, you must think about your children. The average Singaporean family is not free to raise their children without some constraints. Many couples are both working-class people and cannot attend to their children when they are out for work. Since children need constant stimulation to help with their education, they need to find outlets to guide them through this time. Thankfully, you can find many solutions to know what you need to do when you are away from your children. The best thing you can do, instead of sending them to a childcare facility, is to send them to a learning institution.

A learning institution like a preschool or kindergarten can help them succeed with their emotional, physical, and mental growth and development. They will have more of a head start than peers who begin later and have to start fresh. They will grow up to be more independent and learn how to think for themselves.

Many people think their child is too young for school, but that is where most people are wrong. The best childcare facilities in Singapore can handle children as young as four years old and teach them meaningful tips and tricks. At this age, the human brain retains much more information than you think. You will only see them flourish if you let them go to school.

Why Should Your Child Attend Kindergarten?


By law, preschool education is not compulsory in Singapore. However, a vast majority of kids still attend preschool. Have you ever wondered why? In preschool, children will have many first experiences. Your child will receive his first formal education, have his first interactions with peers of his age group, and get to know authority figures other than their parents. They will know more about how the real world works. Do not delay your child’s first chance at receiving this education even when you are not a busy, working parent.

It is not advisable to neglect to send your child to a preschool as soon as possible. You should be looking for possible candidates for your child’s education. Here are a few reasons you should not miss your child’s learning opportunity early.

1)    They are at an age where they need the most mental stimulation

For children, stimulation and fun go hand in hand. There is a reason why they call this period the golden window of learning for children—they are at their most receptive at this age.  They need mental stimulation to be happy and healthy. They will quickly become bored and disruptive if you leave them in your house. Even when surrounded by fun toys and a playground’s worth of things to explore, they may grow bored and yearn to do and experience something new. A kindergarten or preschool environment acknowledges this and provides new and exciting things for their mind.

2)    They are much safer in school while you are at work.

Leaving your child at home is a somewhat terrifying thought for many parents. Instead of paying a nanny to look after them, there is another solution. You can send a child to a kindergarten in Singapore. You can entrust them to an authority figure who could look after them.

Sooner or later, your children will be able to look after themselves in their new environments. A preschool is a place where teachers and other people can keep an eye out for your child. You can research the safest places where you can place your children and kindergarten is usually at the top of the list. You can even pick one close to where you live so you can freely check up on your children.

3)    They need to socialise with other children

We humans are social animals by nature. We need to get along with our peers and other classes of people so we can survive. In this world, you cannot live in isolation. You must teach your child this fact while they grow up, or they may have underdeveloped social skills.

If you notice your child is shy around their peers or older people, then it may be time to introduce them to a kindergarten in Singapore. A kindergarten is the perfect controlled environment for one to interact with other people and is perfectly safe for children.

4)    They want to hone their skills

You might think that children of this age may not have any solid passions and skills to master yet, but you’d be wrong about how talented they can be. Some are already forming artistic skills, others might be drawn to literature, and others may be drawn to maths and other cognitive studies. You would be depriving your child of the opportunity to learn these skills if you do not consider sending them to a preschool or kindergarten right now.

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