Sourdough Starter Kit Tips – 4 Ways to Make Better Loaf

So you’re planning to start a sourdough baking class in Singapore. Baking homemade sourdough bread is a challenging aspect and is not something quick and easy. Yes, you can learn it, but it takes time and practice to get a prime loaf you can enjoy at home. You might be struggling to get started and keep yourself going along.

Baking is an art itself, many looks in cooking, and sourdough is not an exception. You might encounter failures and difficult times ahead when you are learning. However, the road up and head forward will be a pathway to mastery and development. Without further ado, here are ways to help you along the way for better sourdough bread-making:

1. Try and Stick One Variety of Flour

Swapping flour can yield a different approach and result in your baking. When taking a sourdough class in Singapore, it’s often best to stick and practise with a single type of flour rather than jumping over other varieties. Swapping and changing flours can make things trickier, especially within learning. You’ll have to keep working on the formula, and many experienced bakers can make adjustments throughout to suit a specific type of flour.

2. Always Have a Record

To bake and learn are things you will continually do to hone your skills in sourdough baking. There are times when you will get things right and wrong. When you make a loaf that is spot on what you intend and ideal, having a record helps you know how to achieve it again. Keeping and tracking records also lets you discover what you can improve work on and avoid. It is vital because we have the problem that we won’t remember things in excellent detail after a few days or weeks.

3. Consider Following a Formula From a Baker

There are many recipes you can find to help you produce something desirable rather than go through trial and error, which consumes plenty of time. You can follow recipes and formulas you can find online or advice from someone. Making sourdough is an art. Whether you are taking a sourdough workshop in Singapore or learning on your own, having a reference lets you figure out an idea to make a quality loaf in the long run.

4. Learn from Other Bakers

There’s no more effective way to learn and master sourdough baking than talking and learning from experienced bakers along the way. However, it does not necessarily mean picking your phone up or your social media platforms to DM bakers randomly. You can read books and search online discussion boards and forums to discover a thing or two from other bakers. Their thoughts and ideas can help shape your approach.

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