The Pros and Cons of Private Schools in Oakville: Which Is Right For Your Child?

The Pros and Cons of Private Schools in Oakville- Which Is Right For Your Child

More and more parents are opting to send their children to private schools in Oakville. While the cost of tuition is a major factor in this decision, there are also many other benefits of private schools that make them worth the investment.

From small class sizes to more personalized education, private schools offer a number of advantages over public schools. In this article, we will take a look at the top 8 benefits of private schools.

1. Smaller class sizes:

These schools generally have smaller class sizes than public schools. This allows teachers more time to work closely with each student and provide individual attention where needed. The smaller size also allows teachers to spend more time on one subject at a time rather than trying to cover everything in a single class period. Private schools tend to have between 10-25 students per class, while many public schools have between 25-50 students per class.

2. More individualized attention:

They offer more individualized attention than public schools because each student is not just another number in the system. Instead, they each have their own strengths and weaknesses that are taken into consideration when creating an academic plan for them. Teachers can also be flexible with their lesson plans based on what each student needs most at that moment in time. This helps ensure that every child succeeds in school no matter what challenges they may face outside of it.

3. Better academic results:

Such schools tend to have better academic results than public schools because they have greater access to resources and technologies, smaller class sizes, and stricter disciplinary policies than their public counterparts do. These factors all contribute to better test scores and higher graduation rates at private institutions than at public ones.

4. Access to more resources and technologies:

These schools often have access to more resources than public schools do. This can be seen in things like computers, books and even sports equipment (such as balls and nets). As such, students are exposed to more technology and tools that can be used in the classroom or at home.

5. More safety and fewer discipline problems:

They tend to have more strict disciplinary policies than public schools, which can help keep students safer and reduce disciplinary problems. This is especially true for younger grades where students are still learning how to behave appropriately in social situations and follow rules when they don’t understand them yet.

6. Higher teacher salaries:

Public schools often struggle to find funding for teachers, who often earn less than their counterparts at private institutions. This is because public schools rely heavily on state funding, which may not be enough to support the salaries of all teachers. Private schools have more control over their finances and can offer competitive salaries to attract quality educators.

7. Students are more engaged and motivated to learn:

Private educational institutions tend to have smaller class sizes than public ones, which allows teachers to provide more individualized attention for each student in the classroom. This can lead to increased motivation for students and better results on tests and assignments. It also means students have more opportunities for hands-on learning and leadership positions within the school community.

8. Stricter disciplinary policies:

One of the biggest benefits of private schools is that they have stricter disciplinary policies than public schools. While public schools often have to follow guidelines set by the state, private ones are not beholden to these laws. This means that they can implement their own rules and regulations when it comes to discipline. This can be especially important for parents who have children with behavioral problems or who are struggling academically.


Research shows that children who attend private schools in Oakville are more likely to attend college, and excel both academically and professionally. These schools also offer much more than just better academics—they can give students a strong foundation for their future lives!

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