Tips For Learning Chinese Quickly

Tips For Learning Chinese Quickly

Chinese represents the most used language around the world, but it isn’t easy to learn. Instead of an alphabet, Chinese uses hundreds of characters. Additionally, because of the tonal nature of the language, a word’s meaning might change entirely depending on how it is said.

Therefore, why learn Chinese? One reason is that China is a significant factor in the global economy and world affairs. Additionally, the nation has a fascinating past, and its neighbours and the West have long been affected by its culture and food. Kids learn Chinese language (เรียน ภาษา จีน เด็ก, which is the term in Thai) will have many doors to amazing opportunities open to them. Learning Mandarin involves focus and practice, just like any other talent. The following tips can speed up your language learning.

Learn The Chinese Language

Use Native Speakers For Practice

They should correct your pronunciation, therefore, insist on it. Additionally, attempt to pronounce the tones as they do. It is advised to record your voice if you do not have a companion and then play the recording to check the pronunciation.

Pay Attention To And Watch Native Speakers

You can improve your Chinese pronunciation by watching YouTube channels like Yoyo Chinese, ChinesePod, and Learn Chinese Now. To watch your chosen TV shows, you may also use the Google Chrome plugin Learning Languages with Netflix. The phrases and words in television programmes are marked, and you can watch them at your leisure. While watching movies or television programmes in Chinese or English, you can also enable subtitles and audio.

Play Chinese Music

It is advised to choose a song and analyse the words and music of another foreigner living in China. According to Jun Yang, director of the Chinese Language Program and senior lecturer in Chinese at the University of Chicago’s Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations, music can aid new Chinese speakers in learning the language’s many tones.

How Long Does Learning Chinese Take?

Your commitment and the amount of time you spend honing your skills will determine how quickly you learn Chinese. Many internet publications claim that it can take 3,000 hours or more to become fluent in Chinese. For kids to learn Chinese language, it takes about six months to one year of study later, the typical learner should be able to converse and move around easily in China. Chinese will take more time to learn than languages like Spanish.


Learning Chinese, especially the official Language of Mandarin, can help you get ready for a job in international business or international affairs. Exploring China is made simpler and more educational when you speak the language. Setting out time for language practice is the best approach to learning Chinese quickly. There is not a secret to learning Chinese. However, some techniques and resources might assist you in learning the language and improving your abilities.

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