Month: February 2023


Tips For Learning Chinese Quickly

Chinese represents the most used language around the world, but it isn’t easy to learn. Instead of an alphabet, Chinese uses hundreds of characters. Additionally, because of the tonal nature of the language, a word’s meaning might change entirely depending on how it is said. Therefore, why learn Chinese? One reason is that China is […]Read More


Mixing Primary School Subject Programmes – 5 Things To Know

There is nothing wrong with joining a learning centre in Singapore with two subjects, especially if you have the motivation and willingness to comply with all the worksheets and other requirements. However, be wary of these things because you need to know them first before anything else, and explore them below:  FACT #1: IT CAN […]Read More


Learn More About Positive Leadership 

A leader guides a group to accomplish a goal under their management. This is why it is well-known to many that anybody can be one if they can lead. However, things are considerably different when talking about in a corporate setting. In a corporation, personnel will be arranged in a hierarchy according to their responsibilities. […]Read More