5 Signs a Child May Benefit from a Math Tuition Centre in Singapore

Maths may arguably be one of the most influential subjects in human history. Without the study of mathematics, we would not be able to enjoy most modern marvels. The technology we use in our daily lives utilises mathematics in some shape or form. Mathematics may look abstract, but its influences permeate the natural world in ways we might not realise. But because of its abstract nature, many students become bored or frustrated with the subject. As a parent, your job is to help your child keep up (or better, excel) in their subjects, including mathematics. Perhaps approaching a secondary math tutor in Singapore might help them.

Not every student does well in a classroom setting. For a subject that has a notorious reputation for being difficult to grasp, you must put in work for your child to ace mathematics. Maths is difficult to grasp without guidance for many children. Someone who is not naturally inclined to grasp abstract concepts might not catch up with their peers when learning.

Classes are crucial to a student’s educational journey. Your child will learn the bulk of their school lessons. If they do well in their classes, their academic performance will lead them to better opportunities. On the other hand, struggling students may exhibit poor performance, which may affect their opportunities in the future.

Signs that a student is struggling in mathematics

You might not know that your child experiences difficulties with their mathematics classes if they do not confide in you. Struggling in class is a problem that many children do not want to talk to their parents about. As a parent, it is your responsibility to keep an open line of communication with your children and intervene when their issues turn serious. If you reassure your child, they may be able to approach you and you can offer solutions, such as enrolling them in the best math tuition centre in Singapore.

The first course of action is to look out for some signs that your child may need your help. If you intervene at the right time, your child may recover quickly. Here are a few signs that students may need to improve in maths.

1) They seem hostile or annoyed about any discussions related to mathematics.

Their performance in mathematics may impact their overall impression of the subject in general. When you try to communicate with your child about their maths classes, observe how their reaction differs from your discussions about other subjects. Your child might be more proactive when chatting about other subjects like English or history. If they keep quiet about maths (or make comments about hating the subject), you might want to keep a closer eye on them.

2) Their grades in other subjects seem significantly higher than in maths.

Having strengths and weaknesses in one’s academic performance is normal. But if you notice there is one subject lagging in your child’s academic reports, then perhaps they need some help in that class. Lower maths performances compared to other subjects may mean your child is neglecting or struggling with it. Reach out to a math tuition centre so you can arrange for supplementary classes when they need them.

3) Your child seems more anxious to do maths assignments compared to ones from other subjects

Your child will most likely have homework and other assignments they need to complete at home. Observe how your child behaves when they need to work on their maths assignments. Ask yourself this important question: “does my child look more antsy, nervous, or stressed when trying to complete maths assignments?” If the answer is yes, they may be struggling more than you think.

4) Your child cannot figure out solutions to related problems

One of the most confusing things about mathematics is that the same concept and topic can exist in different forms. Students cannot rely on rote memorisation– they need to understand the theories and process behind solving a mathematical problem. If they cannot apply what they learn from lessons, they cannot solve problems.

5) Your child has trouble applying basic maths concepts

While many students can do basic maths, advanced maths classes use them in a way that can confuse learners. If your child approaches topics like memory exercises and does not seem to understand the steps to maths problems, then they may need to enrol in a math tuition centre in Singapore.

How you can help a struggling child at home


Whether your child is in primary school or ready to enter university, there are steps every parent can take to help their children raise their performance in mathematics and deepen their understanding of key concepts. Their chances of improving will rise if their parents also take measured steps to help them.

The first thing you can do is to make maths fun and exciting for your child. You can go online and look for helpful maths apps that help children learn in a new and exciting way. Some teachers and professors even use mathematics apps to engage their students.

You can also get ahold of reputable tutors if you know where to start. Find recommendations from other parents with similarly-aged kids. You can also check online for online reviews on the best local math tuition centre in Singapore.

Approach your child’s maths teacher to know more about their performance in class. You can ask them if they have any recommendations for your child and what you can do to help them. Sometimes, they might be able to provide you with resources on maths learning. Ask them about the best course of action.

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