A List Of Career Opportunities For STEM Graduates In Singapore

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education classes for kids are one of the fields of study in Singapore. It is one of the leading and highest-earning education strands in the country. Most students prefer to take STEM instead of the other strands of the K-12 education systems. The Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) has revealed that the percentage of students taking STEM progresses each year. STEM classes for kids are a stepping stone for taking innovation courses in Singapore.

Here are some of the reasons to consider taking STEM classes in Singapore.

6 Career Opportunities For STEM Graduates

Singapore has been one of the leading countries with a high standard of education. The four disciplines of STEM have a vital role in the development and progress of the country. Also, it helps students develop thinking and solve problems efficiently. STEM classes in Singapore can bring you to high-paying careers, such as:


Financial advisors are one of the highest-paying jobs across the globe. Students who will take up STEM classes in Singaporecan become financial advisors. STEM classes for kids mainly focus on the four disciplines mentioned. Having proficiency in mathematics and money is a huge and vital part of becoming an advisor. If you are a person who likes studying numbers, figures, money, per cent, interest rates, or debts, then enrolling in stem classes in Singapore is the way to go.

Being a financial advisor allows you to help people with how they can effectively manage their finances, including creating budget plans, assessing assets and investments, or making programmes for debts. If you aspire to be a financial advisor, you may study STEM classes in Singapore for high school and take financial or business-related courses as your college degree.


STEM classes for kids are one helpful avenue if you are looking for design thinking courses in Singapore. Onegood example of it is engineering courses. Most engineering college students study STEM in high school. The E in STEM stands for engineering, which is why it is also the first job that comes to anyone’s mind when they see students in STEM classes in Singapore. One of the known moneymaking types of engineering is mechanical engineering.

Mechanical engineers can utilise the four disciplines of STEM in their careers. These licensed professionals can work in a wide array of fields, such as construction companies, architectural firms, device or technological manufacturers, scientific research companies, etc. A perk of studying STEM classes for kids is it hones your problem-solving skills in maths and science and enhances your mind to work out modern solutions.


Physical therapists are highly in demand in Singapore. The reason for that is that many citizens suffer injuries from sports. It is also one of the highest-paying jobs in the country. Enrolling in stem classes can be beneficial for kids who want to deal with learning postures, injuries, and other rehabilitation programmes. You will handle and help patients who have been enduring poor posture, sports injuries, chronic body pain, and so on.

You may take up STEM classes in Singapore during high school if you aspire to be a physical therapist. You can take physical therapy, diagnostic radiography, or physiotherapy as your degree in college. You must also register for licensing authorities in the country and pass the national licensure examination for therapists. After that, you can undergo training.



Technically speaking, all fields of STEM classes for kids apply to studying aviation. You can use science in determining the speed, height, agility, and other factors affecting the flight. Science and technology are significant for studying aeronautics, navigation, aviation management, mechanics, and the basics of aerodynamics. The same applies to maths and engineering.

Commercial pilots are always in demand as they can be tasked to do numerous aerial tasks. Some of the jobs they get paid to do are flying exclusive clients to specific destinations, crop dusting, or providing aerial tours or news for the people. To be able to study aviation, you must take STEM classes in Singapore and accomplish a flight training program after graduation.


Another career that comes in the path of students studying STEM classes in Singapore is being an IT manager. Science and technology are two factors that are highly relevant in IT jobs. IT careers are highly in demand not only in Singapore but also across the world. Many companies require people with technical skills. They hire IT managers for their company’s technical support. IT managers are responsible for providing support and solutions to computer, internet, service, or connection problems. Also, they oversee all computer technology in the company and generate new resources that can provide convenience to the team.

If you want to work as an IT manager, you can start by enrolling in STEM classes in Singapore.Then, you can take up a bachelor’s degree in information technology or a computer-related field in college.


Who does not like pets? Children are fond of pets, which may convince them to study STEM classes for kids. One of the branches of science deals with life, which can benefit veterinarian aspirants. Being a veterinarian provides care, treatment, and support not only to house pets but also to other types of animals. They examine and diagnose animals through laboratory pieces of equipment and technology. This diagnosis can allow them to determine the sickness of the animal.

Veterinarian aspirants can also take STEM classes in Singapore. You can check out the offered and recognised courses in The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA). Also, you must complete a clinical practice and be eligible for a licence. You must pass the National Veterinary Examination (NVE) to acquire a licence.


STEM classes for kids are more than just getting career doors in manufacturing, food production, health care, or engineering fields. STEM graduates can also apply in expanding and evolving fields of businesses. Studying STEM classes in Singaporeis the best choice for children who are really interested and invested in learning maths and science. Also, having a broad knowledge and technical skills in science, technology, engineering, and maths can lead you to various places and careers in the professional world. As the medical people say, the future is in STEM.

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