Ivy League Journey: Preparation for High School Aspirants

Ivy League Journey Preparation for High School Aspirants

Ivy League schools and universities are perhaps one of the highest aspirations that any student has. It consists of big names like Harvard, Yale, and Dartmouth College. So, it’s a no-brainer that their standards are very high, and even getting into the first step of admission is already a mighty ordeal. Still, a lot of people ask how to get into Ivy League, and the answer isn’t a very simple sentence.

In this article, we will be focusing on preparations, especially for high schoolers, because it’s important to nurture yourself and record years earlier.

Choosing your High School course work

Ivy League acceptance rate per year changes, but it doesn’t go that high because they do a lot of filtering. Ivy Leagues want students who have potential, especially in an academic field. Knowing this, you should take advantage of your high school career and choose coursework that would benefit your admission and college life.

There are no course requirements for you to get into an Ivy League school, but still, you should consider those that are challenging and would make you stand out from the rest. Remember that all Ivy League schools prefer students who have the determination and are bold with their decisions. Mathematics, history, and writing proficiency are only some areas you should be focusing on.

Extracurricular activities

Your Ivy League application will be a lot better if you have extracurricular activities added, as it tells a lot about you, especially your dedication to self-improvement. It’s not always about academic excellence. Ivy League schools consider students that have high leadership skills or you may even be a very good athlete. Whatever it is, make sure that you have enough time outside. Too much studying and focusing on your academic record is not favorable when you want to get inside one of the Ivy League schools.

Personal character and future outlook

Often when asked about how to get into Ivy League, you’ll hear a lot of people talking about working on your attitude and, most importantly, character. It’s not just ideal but mandatory to have a good character and establish a positive future outlook.

Ivy League schools look for applicants that are beaming with confidence and enthusiasm to face the next day. Intelligence is nothing if you don’t have enough motivation to continue with your academic career every day. They want commitment more than anything else, and there’s no better platform than high school to demonstrate it completely.

The road to an Ivy League school is tough, and the fact that you have to be prepared years before admission confirms it. Make sure that you have enough support around you before taking into this challenge, and if possible, look into more advanced guides on how to get into Ivy League to get a higher chance of admission.

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